Neo4j Bloom 1.6 - What's new?
Filter Scene
Filter out categories or relationship types or apply filters based on property values. Apply different filters to focus your scene, and optionally
Dismiss Filtered elements
once a filter has been created.
Dismiss Filtered elements
action can be found at the bottom of the Filter panel or when the context menu is applied onto the canvas.
"Between" condition for Rule-based styling
Try the "between" condition for style rules based on numeric data.
Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 13
Refreshed Branding
Neo4j has finished a brand refresh and so has Bloom!
Here are some things that are new in Bloom:
New Bloom Icon
New Neo4j icon
Session timeout setting
Control the duration of inactivity before Bloom logs the user out.
Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 13
Notable improvements and fixes
  • Improved query performance in Neo4j 4.0+ by switching to the reactive driver functionality of Neo4j 4.x
  • Performance optimizations across the board to queries used when generating suggestions, giving you search suggestions much quicker particularly over slow network connections
  • Better handling of virtual nodes and relationships. The legend now shows relationship elements in the scene in an Other category when they don't belong to the available relationship types, similar to how Other node elements in the scene get categorized.
We hope you enjoy this release and feel free to send us feedback of what you'd like to see us improve in the future!
Neo4j Bloom team