Neo4j Bloom 1.7 - What's new?
The Card list now includes a way to
entities in your scene. Choose between
All, Nodes
to narrow down your input result.
Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 16
Auto Perspective
When using a database that does not have any Perspectives, Bloom will now quickly generate a new Perspective with all labels categorized instead of presenting the Perspective Gallery.
Explore data within seconds!
Reorder categories
Drag and drop categories to reorder them into a hierarchy that makes sense. The ordering of categories matters when a node has multiple labels, because the node can only belong to one category at a time. The category at the top of the list has the highest priority and determines the category of the nodes with multiple labels.
Search phrase improvements
  • Bloom now
    saves your Search phrase automatically.
    No more forgetting to click Save!
Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 17
  • The Cypher query input can now be
search phrase gif
Other notable improvements
  • Better force-based layout performance.
  • Bloom now updates properties in the Perspective definition based on what properties are found in the scene.
  • Clear Scene can now be triggered using
    ⌘ ⌫
How to Upgrade
  • Users of Neo4j Desktop should automatically receive the update, or install the latest version of Bloom using the Graph Apps drawer.
  • Users of the server plugin or a self-hosted web application can download the updates on our Downloads page.
  • Aura users should see the update appear automatically with a future Aura update.
We hope you enjoy this release and feel free to send us feedback of what you'd like to see us improve in the future!
Neo4j Bloom team