Neo4j Bloom 1.8 - What's new?
Support for Date/Time properties
Bloom now has improved support for Neo4j
Export Screenshot
images of your viewport by triggering the
Export Screenshot
action found at the new Export icon on the canvas or from the context menu.
export Screenshot
Support for SSO: OIDC / OAuth
Enterprises can now configure SSO login for Bloom. See the documentation to learn how you can leverage this capability. Supported providers at this time include OpenID Connect (OIDC) OAuth 2.0 providers Okta, KeyCloak, and Azure AD.
SSO has been tested on Neo4j 4.2.x and 4.3.x deployments.
Multi-user editing of Perspective
Any edits to the Perspective will now be updated in realtime for users that have access to the same Perspective. If any changes are found, they are merged, the current Perspective is refreshed, and a notification appears in the Perspective drawer.
The notifications tells you which user has made changes and when they were made.
Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 10
How to Upgrade
  • Users of Neo4j Desktop should automatically receive the update, or install the latest version of Bloom using the Graph Apps drawer.
  • Users of the server plugin or a self-hosted web application can download the updates on our Downloads page.
  • Aura users should see the update appear automatically with a future Aura update.
Wanna become a Bloom co-designer?
Bloom 1
We're interested in conversations about how you use Bloom and how we design an experience tailored for your needs. If you're up for a conversation, sign up here: https://forms.gle/1D1oJyuUouthamxD6
As a bonus; enjoy a reward of $100, a charity donation or a special community acknowledgment for your time.
We hope you enjoy this release and feel free to send us feedback of what you'd like to see us improve in the future!
Neo4j Bloom team